JAR HOME is the original facebook selling page under The Jar Group, started by Jus Moody 5 years ago with a quest to achieve a home surrounded by pieces that bring practicality, happiness and a freshened look.  Home Decor and furniture is as fluid in our taste as clothing fashion.  The group gives the opportunity to sell on what is no longer to someone's taste but also to buy items at a fraction of their original price.

The Jar community is strong and thousands of products have moved onto new owners within a friendly network.  From vintage through to contemporary, the variety offers something for everyone.

We separated the facebook pages right from the start to make the items easier to view and with a growing market (apparently £280 billion last year), we want to raise the game on our own selling group and for our members to benefit from making money from the items they have outgrown.  It's also ideal for those who find Ebay or other platforms baffling and we provide guides (and soon workshops) to help our members achieve those sales.  You can join our other successful page separately by clicking the link here...JAR WEAR.

Foremost, our success rate is high due to the courtesy of our members (we don't stand for any rude shenanigans!) and we believe we stand out from other facebook groups because of this.  We embrace friendly communication, quick collection or delivery and a community approach.

The pages are admined and posts approved to ensure the quality of listings is good and further help is on offer for those who have less experience in selling online. The aim is to take the group to the next level with the intention of creating not the biggest group but the best. 

Our full guidelines will be sent via email with each subscription but can also be viewed in the photos here.

Your subscription includes free listing for a whole year, without any selling fees and a network of lovely buyers and sellers on your doorstep.

You can list 5 items on each group per day.

We approve all good quality items with clear photos and accurate descriptions and sizes.  See full guidelines for brands and what you can and can't sell.

Members are within 5 miles of Cookham but the group is open to others outside this area too if postage or delivery is offered.

In time, we're looking to feature the best items on this website too so now is the time to join to receive a year's membership to JAR HOME.

If you'd like to join us, simply add this subscription to the basket and we'll send you the guidelines and send you a link to our facebook selling page. There are also links to useful guides such as how to list and postage rates on the facebook group too.

We look forward to you joining us!!