Hoarder or Aspirer?

Someone asked me recently what my hobbies are and I have to admit being rather embarrassed in replying 'my work'!  My all-time favourite relaxation and switch off technique is undoubtedly spending hours looking at design and elements in a home!

I use Pinterest how others would read a magazine. I prop my eyelids open with matchsticks and have palpitations at just how many amazing images there are for a kitchen space, a piece of tarnished copper, or a beautiful office chair.  I trawl quirky charity and antique shops in the hope of finding engraved silver teaspoons to replace the ones I discover, only too late, live under my son's bed and I just love seeing an object and my head pinging with a little epiphany moment of how Im going to use it in another form than the one its intended for!

Of course, I know Im not alone in having that 'Weekend Upcycle Box', you know, the one where you have been into an art store and bought amazing paints or come across a magical piece of wood in a skip that in your head, you transform within minutes into a beautiful tapas board.  I also know I'm in good company that others also rediscover these amazing trouvées alongside the copper piping and the 1940's chair with no seat in their shed several years later.  Its become apparent that I choose friends that also suffer from this affliction and I feel comfortable that they too have metres of the heaviest hemp rope and a wardrobe full of retro linen that simply lurks!

One thing The House Jar has cured for me is the need to impulse buy.  Trust me when I say it has nothing to do with a financial strictness.  It is purely the bonus of having so much lovely stock surrounding me all the time, I feel calm when I go out now to my favourite homeware stores.  I truly believe pieces for the home don't have to cost an arm and a leg.  For certain, my favourite things in my home are either things Ive foraged, or have been made.  I definitely have a huge soft spot for handmade wooden things, the more worn the better or bleached that reminds of Dorset beaches.  In short, I am the crazy bird who gets stopped at Heathrow customs with a suitcase full of lovingly whittled pizza paddles.


My other slightly odd fascination is articulated artists tools.  There's just something rather funny putting the arms and legs into joyous positions that are quite frankly unachievable in my world!!  I have to reign the kids in on the hand signals sometimes, but they've been a good talking point!

And then I come to my all time favourite...coral and shells.  These move around my house as if the piles of washing are a tide.  Sometimes, they sit decadently showing off under glass domes or filling oversized vases.  Other times, they just hang out next to my kettle in vintage pots with very politically incorrect wording on them. I figure if I do my own self assessment, there's a key to all this addiction and thats that I crave to live by the sea surrounded by all those muted tones I love with gnarly nature doing its thing.

Thankfully the collections I source for The House Jar fit nicely into my little idyll of wood and shell and I continue my quest for the next quirky find.